Full Big Apple Hot Dogs Push-cart Kit [Suitable for Indoors & Out]

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You can now offer a Big Apple hot dog cart experience at any location, with this incredibly flexible, robust & reliable, high output package. 

It comes with everything you need to get slinging dawgs right away. 

Jaw-dropping Practicality. With only 2 of these units, we were able to heat and serve 800 hot dogs in just 160 mins at the American Ambassador’s garden party. Each compact cart can hot hold up to 300 sausages at any one time, at perfect serving temperature.

Designed to Achieve Zero-Wastage. Our new carts use a fan to gently circulate hot air, to heat our sausages through, and hot-hold them perfectly for up to 6 hours, still in their vac-packs. This means that the packs remain air-tight, that there is no odour and that they can be reheated and served another day, with no noticeable deterioration in quality. They can also hold steamed buns and hot toppings like caramelised onions and chilli con carne.

Slow-roasted Hot Dogs with No Oil and Next to No Odour. The units accommodate full-size (1/1) gastronorm pans which can be used to slow-roast our dogs, and hold them for hours in perfect condition. The gentle dry heat and the fan brings out the best in the animal casings we use, allowing them to hold the delicious juices in the sausages which also makes the slow-roasting method virtually odourless and suitable for any environment, with smells far, far below the level of any griddled, or “dirty water dogs”.

Easy, Affordable and Flexible Branding and Co-branding of All Equipment. The signage is very easy to apply, and also to produce and change. It can be used for menus, branding or even bespoke signage for particular events or locations. The signage in the pics is just a first attempt and can be easily changed, since they are cutouts and it is magnetism that holds them in place.

Standalone + Small Footprint + High Output. The signage / menu tower hides 2 x integrated 1/1 Bains-Marie which can be used to heat sausages through rapidly in water / hot hold dogs & toppings / steam buns. It also hides shelves for utensils and consumables meaning that a single, operative could sell 60 hot dogs per hour for 3 hours, without restocking or assistance. All this from a total footprint of 90cm (W) x 130cm (D) - including standing space for dog-slinger. Selling 180 Frank Jrs @ £5 each in 3 hours = revenue of £900. FYI the most sales BAHD has ever achieved from one cart, with one operative in a day, was almost 800 hot dogs.

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