Making #BAHD

"Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made." - Otto von Bismarck.

"The Iron Chancellor" was probably right about laws, but we at Big Apple Hot Dogs (#BAHD) are extremely proud of the way we make our sausages.

No "lips & a**eholes" in our hot dogs or (shudder), mechanically recovered meat - just prime British meat.

Making our sausages is a very labour intensive process, far closer to the way they were made hundreds of years ago than to the mass production and dubious practices of other hot dog brands these days.

To give you some idea: It takes approximately 12 times longer, and twice as many workers, to make our sausages, as it does a similar batch of high-end, good quality raw sausages, which often retail for a similar price as ours!

The Seven Steps to Hog Heaven

There are at least 7 processes in the making of all our sausages. Including: Mincing, stuffing, linking, hanging, cooking, smoking, dry curing and cooling.

And that is all before they are hand-cut and vacuum-packed, again by hand.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse behind the "meat curtain" into:

The First Hours of "Life" of The Huge Pole