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Frank Jr. <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

Frank Jr.
(Pack of 5)

Game-changing gourmet, 82% pork Frankfurters, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. Pack Size: 5 ..


British Bulldog <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

British Bulldog
(Pack of 5)

Intensely meaty, 82% beef wieners, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. (5 x 85g ave.) ..


The Big Dog <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

The Big Dog
(Pack of 5)

A delicious, large, coarsely ground, smoked & cured 82% pork sausage in hog casings. Pack Size: ..


Artisanal Cooked & Smoked Collar of Pork Royale </span>

Artisanal Cooked & Smoked Collar of Pork Royale

Ta-da! A 1kg block of unbelievably succulent pork collar from our Gold Seal range. Take..