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Please note that we ship only on Wednesdays, to arrive the following day.
If your order is very urgent, please email us and we will see if anything can be done.

Shipping Policy:

  • Postage & Packing Charges (overnight courier + insulated packaging / polybox)  £5.55 per order for any order under £100.
  • Free UK delivery for orders over £100.00
  • Minimum order value £17.17 (excl. P&P charge)

N.B. The more packs you order, the lower the cost per sausage will be! (o:

We charge a flat-rate of £5.55 for shipping which, even on the minimum order, is significantly less than it costs us - without taking the costs of the chilled / insulated packaging into account.

So please do take advantage of the fact that you could buy in bulk and still pay exactly the same £5.55. What's more, when you spend over £100 shipping is completely free.

Why not group your order together with friends, or just fill up the freezer?


Frank Jr. <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

Frank Jr.
(Pack of 5)

Game-changing gourmet, 82% pork Frankfurters, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. Pack Size: 5 ..


British Bulldog <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

British Bulldog
(Pack of 5)

Intensely meaty, 82% beef wieners, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. (5 x 85g ave.) ..


The Big Dog <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(Pack of 5)</span>

The Big Dog
(Pack of 5)

A delicious, large, coarsely ground, smoked & cured 82% pork sausage in hog casings. Pack Size: ..


Artisanal Cooked & Smoked Collar of Pork Royale </span>

Artisanal Cooked & Smoked Collar of Pork Royale

Ta-da! A 1kg block of unbelievably succulent pork collar from our Gold Seal range. Take..