(pre-order) Cases of 170 Frank Jr. Pork Frankfurters
(17 x 10 x 90g)

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To qualify for bulk pricing the minimum order for this product is 6 cases.

Please allow 14 days for us to produce them for you & deliver, via dedicated refrigerated transport.

If you require stock whilst we are producing your order, you can also purchase cases or packs separately to tide you over.

Game-changing gourmet, 75% pork Frankfurters, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. Pack Size: 10 x 90g (avg.)

Email From A Frank Jr. Customer:  Dear Abiye,  I just wanted to drop you an email and thank you and your team for their amazing work for our event the other week. Everyone commented on how amazing the hot dogs were and that they were perfect for The Company of Dogs opening night. Thank you. Best wishes Jenny,  Editor at Pets Pyjamas.

Ingredients: Pork Shoulder 70%, Water, Bacon (5%) Curing Salt, Water, Seasoning Mix (Flavoured with: Garlic, Red Paprika, Black Pepper, White Pepper) E-621, E-450, E-671, E-551, Natural Casings

Allergens: NONE! (o:

Sausage Size (L x H in mm): 180-190 x 26

N.B. Artisanal techniques and the use of animal casings means that all lengths, and occasionally weights, may vary by + /- 10%. Each sausage and each batch is slightly different and something to appreciate and embrace.

Produce Of: Our award-winning products are all made in Great Britain - with LOVE!

Best Before Date Info: Best Before End (Frozen) +12 months from date of delivery. Best Before End (Chilled) +28 days from date of DEFROST.

Recycling Info: All of our packaging materials are recyclable or reusable, so kindly do one or the other.

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