World Cup Big Dog Kit for Pubs: An Out of the Box Solution for any Pub or Bar (o: 20% Off

The Frank Jr Royale Home Kit

All that is needed to make some tasty extra cash from hot food, is one of these kits, one ring, a pot, and some water!

Same day despatch possible - if you complete your order before the strike of Noon. 

Zero wastage. Store in fridge or freezer. Frozen shelf-life of 6 months min. 

Complete Kit

48 Simple & Scrumptious, Substantial Meals:

  • Big Dogs (Red Seal Range) -  8 packs of 5
  • Award-winning Vegan hot dogs - 2 pack of 4
  • Bigger Buns 7" Brioche Hot Dog Rolls - 24 packs of 2
  • International Flag Bunting for Decoration.  
  • Big Apple Branded Hot Dog Wrappers (60 pcs) They draw the eye, save money and mean no washing up of plates or cutlery. 
  • Selection of World Cup Hot Dogs Stickers. Use on exterior windows & doors and scattered around inside, to increase awareness and sales.

Regular Price : £145.04

Bundle Price : £116.03

World Cup Big Dog Kit for Pubs
The Vegan Def Grip (4 x 90g)

The Vegan Def Grip (4 x 90g)

Quantity: 2


Big Dog (Pack of 5)

Big Dog (Pack of 5)

Quantity: 8


Regular Price : £145.04

Bundle Price : £116.03

You Save : £29.01

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