The Royale G-Free Home Kit

The Royale G-Free Home Kit

With gluten-free sausages, buns, toppings AND desserts!

Comes with snazzy Big Apple hot dog wrappers - so NO WASHING UP later! (o:


Huge Pole Royales (5-pack)

Phenomenal, Soft, Pillowy GLUTEN-FREE Buns! (5-pack)

Tater Tots - so wrong, yet SO life-enhancing!!! (stonking big 1kg bag = masses :o)

Our Legendary Desireed Hot Dog Onions - sautéed in butter, with fresh thyme & black pepper (100g avg.)

Big Apple Sauerkraut Pouch

Pickled Pink Onions (Sliced) 50g Pouch. Marinated in Organic Cider Vinegar with Garlic, Lime & Spices

De Luxe "Bread & Butter" Pickled Cucumber Slices - Hand-crafted in Great Britain

Gloriously Gooey Gluten-free Sticky Toffee Puddings! x2

Miraculously Gluten-free & Vegan Apple & Blackberry Crumble! x2

I've Been #BAHD Stickers

Big Apple hot dog wrappers

Regular Price : £51.32

Bundle Price : £41.72

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