• Bigger Buns 7" Brioche Hot Dog Rolls <br /><span class='product-bracket'>(2 pcs)</span>

Bigger Buns 7" Brioche Hot Dog Rolls
(2 pcs)

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A 2-Pack of Longer (18cm / 7”) Top-sliced Brioche Hot Dog Buns (2 pcs.)

These 18cm buns are perfect for those with de luxe longer sausages, such as the Huge Poles, The Hot Link Royale, The British Bulldog Royale and The Frank Sr. Royale. 

HAPPINESS IS A WARM BUN! (TIP) A little warmth works wonders. Try popping the buns (still in their wrappers)  in a cold oven, then turn it up to 100 deg C and set the timer for 6-10 mins.  Getting heat into buns them softens them up nicely and can significantly heighten the whole experience.

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