British Bulldog
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Intensely meaty, 82% beef wieners, smoked over Oak wood in natural casings. (5 x 85g ave.) 

Email From a British Bulldog Customer:  Our customers rave about the hotdogs we serve, and I am selling more and more every day. David Fogelman | Head Chef | Electric Diner (Soho House Group)  London.

Ingredients: Beef Trim, Water, Curing Salt, Water, Seasoning Mix (Flavoured with: Garlic, Red Paprika, Black Pepper, White Pepper) E-621, E-450, E-671, E-551, Mutton Casings.

Allergens: NONE! (o: 

Sausage Size (L x H in mm): 170-190 x 28

N.B. Artisanal techniques and the use of animal casings means that all lengths, and occasionally weights, may vary by + /- 10%. Each sausage and each batch is slightly different and something to appreciate and embrace.

Produce Of: Our award-winning products are all made in Great Britain - with LOVE!

Use By Info: Shelf-life in freezer: 12 months from date of delivery. Shelf-life in fridge: 7-14 days from date of delivery

Recycling Info: All of our packaging materials are recyclable or reusable, so kindly do one or the other.

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